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25 February 2007 @ 05:42 pm
Convocation 2007 V: The Hidden Company  
Chris Penczak did a ritual Saturday night called The Sorcerer's Initiation. I should not say Chris, because while he lead it, there were many people who took part in making it happen. Including sugarmaplelife, and Helen, another girl I know from a local coven. She is the one who I talked to last year in the Con Suite (and who remembered me from last year, see, more gravity). In fact, now that I remember, I ran into her Friday morning as I was walking in the hotel and she gave me her card. She is doing a survey on Queer Witchraft practitioners, which I intend to take part in. But that is beside the point.

Back to the Ritual. The purpose was to give people an initiation. But not a normal one like you would receive from a traditional, well, Tradition. This as an initiation into a group that Chris has talked about many times before. A collection of magicans, shamans, Witches, psychics, healers, Light-Workers, whatever term you want to use. People of many different Traditions and times, who have died and continue to serve us from beyond as mentors and guides, especially in terms of things like Overshadowing, spirit guides, and spirit teachers. Among other things, they are our honored ancestors, both of genetics and of spirit.

He called this group the Hidden Company, though other traditions have different names for them. In Ascension Magic they are the Ascended Masters. In Buddhism they are the Bodhisattvas. i think you get the picture.

Then he told us what was to come. Unlike other rituals, this was going to be one of Ritual Drama. They were going to put on six skits that portrayed a different form of initiation each. Afterward there would be a meditative journey, where those who sought initiation could find it, and those who did not, might still have a powerful, meaningful experience. Then afterward those who had gained initiation could enter the central circle to be annointed and greeted as Initiates.

The skits were amazing. I have never witnessed anything like it. I know it probably sounds silly to the rational minds that are probably reading this, but when you are in an altered state of consciousness and you witness such a thing, let me tell you, it is powerful. Read about the Eleusinian Mysteries to learn more about what I mean. This was stunning, and it is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what went on at Eleusis.

I am not sure I can remember all the skits. But I will try as best I can. The first was on the Shaman's Descent into the Underworld, his destruction, and re-incorporation. I could identify with it on a very personal level, as my practice has a very strong shamanic bent. In fact, I consider myself an Shamanic Witch. It was cool. It started with Chris holding a Poppet in the shape of a person, and he was beset by other members of the Ritual who were acting as demons, circling him, threatening him, besetting him. He is overwhelmed by them, and they take the poppet and tear it to shreds between them in a frenzy of violence.

Then sugarmaplelife stepped out, taking up the remnants of the poppet, while Chris narrated in the background, explaining what was happening. She was the Goddess, who finds the remains of the shaman and sees something there to work with. She took up the torn cloth and then with a clever bit of slight of hand produced a statuette from them (actually from the folds of her robe, but who cares).

Following were skits about the psychic, unaware of her power, is beset by spirits. She is rescued by a spirit master who becomes her teacher and mentor, showing her how to use her power. There was one of the lovers, who use sacred sex to find enlightenment. This was played out by three couples - one of two men, one of two women, and the last of a man and woman - who at first circled one another in hungry fashion, slowly closing in to embrace and very passionately kiss one another. That was incredibly powerful to watch. Especially the two gay boys. Wow.

There was also the Promethian initiation. Where the practitioner steals the secrets of power from the gods, only to be imprisoned by them, so that they must re-learn the secrets in order to free themselves. This was played out by Helen, who stole fire from the altar and carried it around the circle, only to be beset by other ritual member, bound, and dragged away.

The last I can remember at the moment is the standard Wiccan Initiation rite. I think there is enough on that out there that I do not need to describe it. However, that too was very moving to watch, especially since it is probably the only time I will ever see something like that happen.

Next came the meditation. Oh my. I will do this in another post. It deserves it. It changed me forever. I died and was reborn. No shit.
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