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25 February 2007 @ 07:10 pm
Convocation 2007 VII: The Masquerade  
After the Initiation I was pretty scattered. For example, I thought I had lost my purse. Only to find it was exactly where I had left it when I had put on my coat (on the coat rack). Blair took me to get something to eat at the Kerby's across the street. That was a good idea. Not only was I hungry, I really, really needed the food to ground me back into physical reality.

I related what had happened to her over a dinner of saganaki and taco salads. I ate all the saganaki, but not even half my salad. I just could not handle much. Still, it helped. I felt a lot better afterward. Talking to Blair helped too. She brought some things into focus for me. Like the fact that I was sad during the initiation because I was grieving.

Anwyay, after dinner we went back to hotel and to the Masquerade. I was originally going to drive home to change into the new dress I bought and put on a pair of boots (I was wearing my white strappy shoes, since I had worn my long white bell skirt and white Hekate tee that day). But then I saw other people with no shoes, so instead I just kicked off my shoes too, and went to the bathroom to change.

There were a pair of teenage girl's standing at the counter, their faces done up in body paint (actually, I think it was just from a felt-tip pen). One of them looked at me and her eyes lit up. Yes, another person I know. It was Russell, the girl from last year's Gay Witchcraft workshop, who had been having problems at school because she is Out as a lesbian there.

I was so glad to see her. I have been wondering what has happened to her since. SO we caught up. She is in high school now, and things sound a lot better. Instead of the other kids taunting her about being a lesbian, now the straight girls want to get her to kiss them in order to make their boyfriends all hot and bothered. Yeah, joy. Well, it is still an improvement.

We had a lot of fun dancing, holding hands, and checking out all the costumes. My favorite was a little girl in a Batgirl outfit. She had on a black tee with the Bat logo, a long cape, long gloves, and a mask. Oh, and black boots too. She was cool. In fact, she won the best female child costume award. The coolest adult costume I saw was a woman who came as Kali. I cannot describe what she was wearing, except it was exotic. The thing that made me notice her was that she had painted her entire body blue (as the Hindu's depict their deities). She was awesome.

We even did the Spiral Dance there. I did not think we could, with the amount of people and size of the room. Sure, it was a ballroom. But there were a *lot* of people. Still, we pulled it off. It was so much fun. This is the second time I have danced the spiral, and it was Blair's first. She liked it. In fact, she said she is coming back next year for the whole weekend. YaaY, another one brought over to the Convo-side!

We met up with Rocky, the husband of Denise, another person (and priestess of Hekate) whom I had met last year, and we danced and hung out a while. After a while we got tired though, and went to sit in on the drumming. It sounded like Orcs Marching To Party. Smile Goddess I love drums. Not the regular kind you hear in modern music, but the big, hand-beaten ones used in Paganism and Native cultures. The beats just roll through you (and help induce an altered state of consciousness).

Around midnight we both decided that was enough. I was wiped out, and she had an early day Sunday. So did I. So we split up and went home. But not before deciding that we will meet again, and next time it will be at her place, where I will meet her sister and brother. So Yaay there too. Smile
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only love .:. only skynotalwaysweak on February 26th, 2007 09:21 am (UTC)
I'm going to reply to your last few posts here so I don't floor your inbox with comment notifications.

What you said about Adam's dissertation on male rape victims made me sad, simply because it's hard enough for the world to acknowledge that it happens to women; I can't imagine how infinitely worse it must be for men. I'm glad he's doing that dissertation, because maybe it will help raise people's awareness.

That new dress is amazing, and the coin belt works so well with it. Are they actual coins, or just bright discs?

The idea of the Hidden Company intrigues me. I like the idea of one big group of all sorts of people following different paths yet working in harmony.

As for your initiation, I'm speechless. That must have been such a powerful experience. You're so lucky to be so blessed.

I am so happy that you and Blair are working out so well. The Spiral Dance sounds like fun. I've discovered a witchy shop that's not far from where I live now (well, about twenty minutes away by bus and train, but that's not far for me), so I'm hoping to get into some group rituals, although I doubt I could handle anything on this scale just yet!
Danielle: Gunslingersubrosa_florens on February 27th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
Inbox rocking is fine. It makes me feel self-important to see twenty emails waiting for me when I get home! At least when they are not from spammers.

Adam actually put his dissertation on the backburner for a while, because it was honestly too depressing for him to continue working on it. I do not blame him.

The coin belt is just little silver discs. Some are plain, some have little bumpy reliefs on them. Freya was deeply confused by it at first, because of the noise it makes whenever I walk in it. She kept staring at me, and I could see her thinking: "Mommy is not supposed to jingle..." But once I sat down, and the belt came into paw reach, she decided she liked it. Liked to attack the discs anyway. Wink

I think the Hidden Company makes a lot of sense. All over the world, in tradition after tradition, including Christianity, you see the idea. But something that Chris Penczak pointed out is that Neo-Paganism does not have its own version. Not in any kind of formalized manner. The nearest we come is our honored ancestors, which is not quite the same, but close.

I feel different since the initiation. I am not sure how to describe it. The trouble is I am also still exhausted from the festival. Too little sleep, too little food, too much happening, and having to go back to work today, and I am one tired kitty. I will talk more about it in a few days probably. When I have more time to recuperate, and reflect.

The Spiral Dance is fun! So is Blair. If you ever have the chance to do one, I highly suggest you leap at it. Erm, the dance that is, not the Blair... Wink Group rituals are not so daunting, really. Unless you are part of the core group putting them on of course. Then it is a lot of work. But otherwise, just like with individual work, you only go as far as you need to. Not every one is going to be overwhelming. Like everything else in Paganism, everything varies by the individual.

Blair has not told me what her meditation was like, but I can tell it was not the earth-shattering event mine was. She did not go to take the initiation afterward. On the other hand, just being there was probably a big deal to her. She is from a Family Tradition, and has never been to a public ritual or any other sort of Pagan gathering. I suspect that Convocation was a real major change for her.
only love .:. only skynotalwaysweak on February 27th, 2007 09:33 am (UTC)
I'm not surprised that Freya liked the jingly coins. I can imagine Ruri would like them exactly the same way.

I can imagine how Blair would have felt going to such a big event for the first time. It would be such a huge change.